JS Bank and FetchSky Enter into Strategic Partnership

JS Bank and FetchSky Enter into Strategic Partnership

20th March Karachi: Striving for ever greater technological innovation, JS Bank has signed an agreement with FetchSky whereby the Bank will integrate Peekaboo Connect into its digital assets. These include the Banks website, social media forums, and mobile application. A highly interactive and customizable digital services suite, Peekaboo Connect digitizes the Banks product, service, and discount offer as well as its location network with rich and standardized data and technology.

Utilizing Peekaboo Connect, the Bank has facilitated customer access to Loyalty offerings and streamlined offer management. By using technology features such as geofencing, the Bank can customize its customer offerings based on purchaser preferences as well as locations. In addition, patrons can filter offerings based on their personal likes and dislikes using multiple navigation options. It also provides information used for the completion of the purchase process such as locations of Branches, contact options, timings, etc. Customers can also review and share feedback on their experience.

Peekaboo Connect is an extracted version of the Peekaboo Guru platform and is designed to transform traditional banking into branchless banking. It is a suite of services, empowered by Loyalty & Offers, navigational branch locators with rich and standardized data and technology to access the products.

  • Entice your Customers with Rich Merchant Data
    • Standardized and Normalized Rich Merchant Data
    • Branches & Direction, Timings, Contact, Gallery, Menu, Consumer Reviews & Ratings, Amenities such as Wi-Fi, Smoking, Music, Wheelchair access, etc.
    • Immense marketing leverage to the merchants by offering high business visibility
  • Facilitate your Customers with Flexible Search and Engaging UI
    • Relevant Filters & Sorting Options
    • Filter by City/Country, Category, Card type, Timings
    • Sort by Distance, Alphabet, Ratings, and from specific Area
  • GeolocatedAugmented Reality
    • Consumers can see the Offers and ATMs & Branches on the screen of the mobile phone with a 360-degree view
  • Travel Guide Global Support for Payment Gateways
    • VISA/MASTER/UnionPay etc. Offers around the globe
    • When your customers travel, they still know the power of the card they carry by knowing the others around them.
  • Reach Out when it matters!
    • Geo-Fencing Location and Profile Based Notifications
    • Maximum Engagement
  • Empower Mobile app, Web & Facebook
    • It takes away the pain to manage the different data locations in isolation
    • Updates made to the system are simultaneously and instantly reflected on all fronts.
  • Know your Customers Analytics and Insights
    • From demographics to spending patterns, analytics provide great insights into the end-users.
  • Vendor Panel for the Bank as well as its Customers (Merchants)
    • For Data Management & Analytics
  • Cost Optimization
    • Through outsourced Data Management, Tech. & Server Management.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Imran Soomro, CIO of JS Bank, said This partnership with FetchSky aims to introduce innovative technologies and modules to enhance our customer experience.

Mr Mehdi Haryani CEO FetchSky said Peekaboo Connect acts as a bridge between the Bank and third-party online retailers to enhance their experience on the Banks digital platforms.

About JS Bank:

JS Bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Pakistan, with 323 branches in 161 cities. The Bank also has an international presence and is a leading player in the digital banking space. JS Bank has received the prestigious award for Best Environmental and Social Governance Bank at the Pakistan Banking Awards 2017. The Bank is part of JS Group, one of Pakistan’s most diversified and progressive financial services groups. For more information, please visit https://www.jsbl.com.

About FetchSky:

FetchSky is an established leader in Enterprise Applications and IT services with a regional presence in Pakistan & Middle East. With a strong focus on frameworks for information availability and analytics, FetchSky continues to develop centres of excellence for each of its service areas, ranging from ERP systems, Mobile Solutions, and E-commerce marketplaces to Financial and Travel technologies.

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