Peekaboo Connect

    Project Description

    According to a study, around 40 per cent of the customers state that user experience (UX) is the most important aspect in choosing a digital bank.

    Peekaboo Connect is a SaaS platform designed especially for the Banks and other financial institutions. Peekaboo Connect is a collection of multiple plug n play modules which digitize different banking products and experiences.


    The content needs to powerful enough to entice and facilitate the customer. While many digital banking product lay emphasis on solution, most struggle when it comes to the actual data or the content which determines the success of the solution.

    Solution & Data Management

    Peekaboo offers not just the software solution but also the data management services. These data management services are very important for products and services with dynamic data needs. Dynamic data is in a constant state of change

    Themefication & Customisation

    This turn key solution can easily be configured and customised as per the theme of the brand. Change the colors, fonts, icons and the styling on the go!

    Which Type of Products and Services do we Power?

    Peekaboo Connect is a suite of plugins to empower and digitize the banking experience

    Account Opening

    Offers & Privileges

    Digital Rewards Catalogue

    Digital Installment Plan Catalog

    Debit & Credit Cards

    ATM & Branch Locator

    Which Mediums do we Power?

    Peekaboo Digital banking suite powers all digital platforms simultaneously where an existing or potential customer might choose to interact with the bank. Simultaneous solution on all fronts takes away the pain from the bank or insurance company’s end to run different banking platforms in isolation. It always keeps the data uniform and current on all platforms.

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