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    Are you where your Customers are?

    CONVERSATIONAL LANDSCAPE - Total Messaging has increased more than 50%, one month after the COVID-19

    64% of People

    Choose Messaging over phone or email a business

    50 Million Businesses

    On Messenger and WhatsApp

    Over 80%

    Of people surveyed message a business to ask about products or services

    71% of Customers

    Expect companies to communicate with them in real-time

    20 Billion Messages

    Are exchanged with a business every month

    Banks need to embrace innovations like WhatsApp banking while respecting prerequisites such as security and confidentiality.

    The future of financial services: WhatsApp banking

    In this digital age, the best approach is to deploy in agile mode and to focus heavily on user experience.

    We at Peekaboo Guru, develop WhatsApp banking solutions by integrating the Core Banking APIs. This solution can be deployed locally at the bank’s premises to adhere with the Central Bank’s policies.

    Customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform that is fast and reliable. Through WhatsApp Business API, you can enable your business for better customer engagement leading to increased trust and stronger relationship.

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