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    Project Description

    Giving discounts and Offers to loyal customers is considered a backbone of any loyalty program. Different businesses such as Banks, Telcos, Insurance companies, Corporations and others offer loyalty and privileges to their customers.

    However, running an alliance and loyalty department is expensive and complex proposition which requires multiple type skillsets and resources.

    The better approach is to partner with experts who developed efficient and cost effective models to run the discount programs.

    Many banks, telcos and insurance companies have partners with Peekaboo to outsource the loyalty and alliance function to it. Peekaboo offers the services in all the urban centers of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and several others.

    Free of Cost

    Free of cost discount means those offers that merchant gives without charging the partner. The merchant simply offers the defined percentage to the card holder and in return the partner does marketing for to its user base.


    Sharing discount refers to those discounts which are shared between the merchant and the partner (For example, 50%-50%, 30%-70% etc). In such cases, Peekaboo will be responsible for alliance forming, execution, monitoring and payments directly to the merchants.

    Full Reimbursement

    Those merchants who do not offer any discount (Sharing or FOC), do alliances if the partner is willing to bear the full expense. Sometimes the payment has to be made upfront. In such cases, Peekaboo will be responsible for alliance forming, execution, monitoring and payments directly to the merchants.


    • Form Discount Alliances on behalf of the client with its Merchant Partners
    • Mystery Shopping – This is the most critical part of the alliance program. Discounts and Alliances require constant mystery shopping to ensure the discounts are honoured. We have a dedicated team of mystery shoppers who anonymously and regularly contact the merchants via different mediums to ensure compliance.
    • Contract Processing
    • Arrangement of creative for Marketing
    • Merchant Coordination and Account Management
    • Distribution of marketing material to merchant location

    Enroll Your Brand

    When merchants and brands collaborate with banks, insurance companies, and telcos to provide discounts, they tap into a wide-ranging customer base, amplify brand recognition and customer loyalty, engage in cross-promotion efforts, utilize valuable customer data, cut down on marketing expenses, gain a competitive advantage, and, as a result, witness an uptick in revenue. These partnerships offer a mutually advantageous approach where merchants can leverage the resources and customer trust of established institutions to bolster their market presence and bottom line.

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