Bank AL Habib integrates Peekaboo Connect

Bank AL Habib integrates Peekaboo Connect

Bank Al Habib has integrated FetchSky’s Peekaboo Connect on its web (mobile App, & Social Media to follow) to bring you the best deals and discounts in your city! 

Yes! Now you can conveniently find all Bank AL Habib credit and debit card discounts through the Bank AL Habib website, thanks to Peekaboo Connect.

To check it out, go to and find all the available brand offers you can avail of with your debit and credit cards.

“But, the bank was already showing their deals & discounts. What’s different about this, Peekaboo Connect?”

True. Information on discounts was already available, so here are 3 reasons why you should check the Peekaboo Connect version:

1) ALL the offers in one place. Previously, you could find various deals and discounts, but not all of them and certainly not in this beautifully sorted fashion!


2) EVERYTHING you need to know. Find all the information related to brands including location, amenities, customer ratings and reviews, and more!

3) Geo-Located Augmented Reality! (Mobile App Only)
With a feature called Guru Eyes, now you can SEE which brands near you are offering deals & discounts to Bank AL Habib cardholders. This option will be available once the integration on app will be LIVE.


A Little Bit About Peekaboo Connect

Peekaboo Connect is a suite of services that powers the Loyalty & Offers, Bank location network, and Products with rich and standardized data and technology.

Using AI and machine learning, Peekaboo Connect studies the patterns, preferences, and behaviour of banking customers to better understand their needs. With rich places data, it entices customers and increases customer engagement. Connect also improves data accuracy and takes away the pain of managing data on different customer-facing platforms in isolation.

Additionally, Peekaboo Connect also acts as a bridge between the bank and third party services such as ride-hailing companies, online retailers, and others to open up their experience on the banking platforms.

This collaboration makes Bank AL Habib the 10th bank in Pakistan to integrate Peekaboo Connect on its platform. Peekaboo Connect aims to continue introducing innovative technologies and modules to enhance the existing banking functions as well as new innovations.

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