Promotional Management System

    Project Description

    PMS (Promotion Management system) is designed to completely automate the whole process. From Application, Payments to Submission to Review and Approvals, PMS digitize the whole process for the merchants as well as the Governments.

    Many countries around the world have a thorough approval system before a business is allowed to announce promotions, offers, sales, deals and discounts to the end consumers. This long and cumbersome process is applied to ensure that the consumer rights are protected and fair pricing practices prevail in the market.
    While there are many benefits of the regulations, it also slows down the whole process due to inefficient and manual work. Businesses find it difficult to apply for simple promotions and collaborative discounts between the merchants and partners such as bank cards, telcos, and insurance companies take even longer.

    The PMS automates these key business function both at the Business/Merchant and the Ministry/Government Level:
    1. Create Merchant and partner accounts in PMS.
    2. Setup Merchant Business entry in PMS.
    3. File Application with Standardized attributes.
    4. Pay the fees and Apply.
    5. Application Review – Approval and Rejection as per ministry/authority workflows.
    6. Notify the merchants
    7. Run current and historical reports.

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