Enhancing UBL Helpline With WhatsApp Chatbot

Enhancing UBL Helpline With WhatsApp Chatbot

Enhancing UBL Helpline With WhatsApp Chatbot

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is paramount, and this is particularly true when it comes to banking services. Recognizing this shift in consumer expectations, UBL Bank has taken a bold step to enhance its WhatsApp chatbot from being merely informational to becoming a powerhouse of transactional capabilities. This evolution for UBL Helpline brings forth a seamless and comprehensive banking experience for users, all within the comfort of their favorite messaging app.

Allied Market Research reported that the global AI in the banking market generated $3.88B in 2020 and is predicted to reach $64.03B by 2030, with chatbots being one of the top solutions.


Transitioning the UBL Helpline with WhatsApp Chatbot: A Strategic Upgrade

UBL’s existing WhatsApp chatbot has been successfully relaying information related to the bank’s offerings. However, realizing the potential to further simplify users’ lives, the bank has set forth a transformative roadmap that aims to offer users the ability to conduct everyday transactions directly from WhatsApp. This evolution reflects UBL’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer experiences while embracing the advancements of digital technology.

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The Roadmap to Transactional Excellence: Banking Services

The upgraded UBL Helpline WhatsApp chatbot introduces a suite of functionalities that allow users to perform banking transactions effortlessly:

1. Account Balance:

Empower users with real-time information about their account balance, accessible with just a few simple steps.

2. Mini Statement:

Offering a snapshot of recent transactions, including date-wise debit and credit transactions, for a quick overview.

3. Funds Transfer:

The flagship feature enables real-time transactions between accounts. The user-friendly process involves selecting accounts, payees, entering transfer amounts, and confirming the transaction.

4. Cheque Book Request/Activation:

Streamlining the process of requesting a new cheque book or activating a new one, all through WhatsApp.

Enhancing Convenience: A Closer Look at Fund Transfer

The Funds Transfer feature stands out as the highlight of this transformation:

  • Users first select the accounts involved in the transaction.
  • They then choose the payee from their beneficiaries list.
  • The transfer amount is entered, and the bot displays transaction details.
  • An OTP is generated for confirmation, ensuring security.
  • Upon user confirmation, the transaction is processed, transferring funds seamlessly.

Unlocking Further Potential: Payments, Cards, Loans, and More

The UBL Helpline of WhatsApp chatbot doesn’t stop at fund transfers—it dives into various aspects of banking:

Bills Payment:

A simple image of a bill turns into a payment through Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Mobile Top-Up:

Recharge your balance or activate packages directly through the chatbot.


Block or unblock cards, activate new cards, and explore deals and discounts, all in one place.

Rewards & Installment:

Discover installment plans and products available against reward points.


A comprehensive overview of UBL’s loan offerings, with eligibility criteria and markup rates.

UBL Cash Plus, UBL Drive Car Loan, UBL Address Home Loan:

Delve into the details of UBL’s loan programs.

Simplifying Navigation: Locate Us, Contact Us, and Beyond

  • Find UBL Bank near me, ATMs or branches with locker facilities, and Saturday openings through location sharing on WhatsApp.
  • Connect with UBL through various channels and even converse with a human agent via the “Talk to Human” feature.
  • Integration with Infobip’s CRM Conversations enhances customer support.

Conclusion: A New Era of Banking Convenience

UBL’s transition from an informational WhatsApp chatbot to a transactional powerhouse underscores the bank’s commitment to delivering unmatched convenience to its customers. The roadmap, meticulously designed to cater to everyday banking needs, makes UBL a pioneer in simplifying financial transactions. By integrating technology with banking, UBL is setting a precedent for the industry, ensuring that customers have a reliable, accessible, and efficient way to manage their finances. The UBL WhatsApp chatbot’s transformation is a testament to the possibilities unlocked when technology meets customer-centric innovation.

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